Published and Accepted Papers
The Effects Of Regulation in the Presence of Multiple Unpriced Externalities: Evidence from the Transportation Sector (with Antonio Bento, Daniel Kaffine and Kevin Roth). American Economic Jounal: Economic Policy, 2014 6(3).
Downstream Regulation of CO2 Emissions in California's Electricity Sector (with James Bushnell and Yihsu Chen). Energy Policy, 2014, 64(1).

Submitted and Working Papers
Expecting The Unexpected: Emissions Uncertainty and Environmental Market Design (with Severin Borenstein, James Bushnell and Frank Wolak). Revisions requested from the American Economic Review.
Allocation, Efficiency and Rent-Seeking in the All-Pay Auction with Resale. Under review.
Anticipation and Environmental Regulation (with Katherine Rittenhouse). Under review.
Raising Rivals' Costs: Vertical Market Power in Natural Gas Pipelines and Wholesale Electricity Markets (with Levi Marks, Chuck Mason and Kristina Mohlin). Draft available upon request.
Transportation, Partial Regulation, and Emissions Leakage: Evidence from a Field (Quasi)Experiment.

Work in Progress
Environmental Regulation, Production Reallocation and Quality: Evidence from the Clean Air Act Amendments (with Jeremy West).
Equity, Efficiency and Trade: How Much Does Individual Experience Matter? (with Katherine Rittenhouse).
Output-based Allocation in Greenhouse Gas Cap-and-Trade Programs: Evidence from a Matched Sample of Industrial Facilities
Pollution Co-benefits from Greenhouse Gas Regulations: Evidence from a Matched Sample of Industrial Facilities
Transportation, Partial Regulation and Emissions Leakage: Evidence from the Fatality Analysis Reporting System