Published and Accepted Papers
Expecting The Unexpected: Emissions Uncertainty and Environmental Market Design (with Severin Borenstein, James Bushnell and Frank Wolak), American Economic Review 109(11) (2019): 1-26.
Anticipation and Environmental Regulation (with Katherine Rittenhouse), Journal of Environmental Economics and Management 89 (2018): 255-277.
The Effects Of Regulation in the Presence of Multiple Unpriced Externalities: Evidence from the Transportation Sector (with Antonio Bento, Daniel Kaffine and Kevin Roth), American Economic Journal: Economic Policy  6(3) (2014): 1-29
Downstream Regulation of CO2 Emissions in California's Electricity Sector (with James Bushnell and Yihsu Chen), Energy Policy 64.1 (2014): 313-323.

Submitted and Working Papers
"Vertical Integration and Market Inefficiencies in Natural Gas and Electricity Markets" (with Levi Marks and Chuck Mason) (2019)
"Incomplete Regulation in Production Networks: How Effective are Input Taxes and Output Subsidies?" (2019)
"Do Carbon Markets Affect Labor Markets? (Early) Evidence from an Economy-wide Climate Policy Experiment" (2019)
"Allocation, Efficiency, and Rent-Seeking in the All-Pay Auction with Resale" (2019)

Work in Progress
"Regional Policy Evaluation: Machine Learning and Unobserved Networks" (with Bing Yang Tan)
"Measuring the Impact of India's `Workfare' Program on Manufacturing Output and Productivity" (with Geoff Barrows and Helene Olivier)
"A Lot Depends on the Weather: Measuring Endogenous and Exogenous Ties in Production Networks"
"The Direct and Indirect Effects of Local Environmental Standards: Evidence from the Fatality Analysis Reporting System" (with Katherine Rittenhouse)
"Do Greenhouse Gas Regulations Provide Local Pollution Co-benefits?"